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Hanseatic City of Luebeck alias Lubeca

Free English translation on 22 August 2021.

The German-language document you may find here! 

On 19.11.2020 at 12:26 Ursula Sabisch wrote:  

Dear Mr H............,

As has already been communicated several times, m................. needs  a flat in which she can stay and which is in the near her original familiar surroundings, i. e. in Mali. Please ensure that Mrs. ...........s does not "leave" the civilised world too far by not wanting to make herself at home, as a washing machine is needed for hygienic reasons.

It is quite possible and even rather likely that one or more neighbours oppose the presence of Mrs............. and the use of her flat, which is usually difficult or impossible to prove. For example, "restful sleep" can be made impossible with soundless technical means and this happens especially when no one will believe and help the person concerned because the person is burdened by his or her past history and is particularly sensitive! My person has had to make the most terrible experiences in this regard and could write a book about it by now!

So you and your kind are urgently advised to become active by making the right decisions, which must no longer be borne out at the high cost of the pre-stressed people! You and others are really behaving like toddlers, trampling on the spot, wanting to get their way but not asking what they can do with it!

It is not this sick and criminal neighbourhood, but also people like you from the care centres who have to take care of the facts and make sure that preferably also pre-exposed people can get their right to a self-determined life! You and others may be able to regulate and achieve this by making the castles of this world available to people, for example people with a "special gene", so that people will be able to set up home there. Such a place would also be appropriate for my ............. but ................ she also has the right to her own protected flat and her own double garden, as already communicated via e-mail!

For reasons of urgency, however, this e-mail will be placed on one of my homepages, while respecting my person, because there is unfortunately no other way to deal with this Luebeck "kindergarten"!

With best wishes Ursula Sabisch


HP: I very much hope for a most just reckoning by the resolutions of my person and by the already announced Cudgel of my person, preferably for the people of Luebeck who have "lazed about" themselves in this respect at the high expense of others for days, weeks, months and years or decades!

Hanseatic City of Luebeck alias Lubeca

On 19.11.2020 at 13:39 L... wrote .................          


Dear Ms Sabisch,

In my function ............. I can't force anything and I don't want to.         It is the right ............. to spend the money from repayments and not to buy a washing machine. I regret this very much, but I cannot prevent it.    

From my point of view...................   

The difficulty of using one's own home is one of the effects of this condition.

I could organise help to support your ......in finding a new flat.

To do this, however, we would have to be able to pursue a common line, and unfortunately this is not working at the moment, as we cannot agree on a common description of reality and .........................accordingly refuses all help.                  

With kind regards       


Hanseatic City of Luebeck alias Lubeca

-------- Forwarded message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:                                

Re: Matter and commission of the Lord!

Change of residence in the matter of care

Fri, 20 Nov 2020 11:31:51 +0100

Ursula Sabisch <nets_empress@gmx.net>

Lars ...........<mail@lars................>

Dear Mr H......,,     

Thank you very much for your message.        

It is right and important that you cannot force ...........anything, and it is good that you do not want to, especially since you could probably for..........be more of a child or even a grandchild according to your age. This does not make matters any easier, at least for a person who knew a norm in this respect, through the subconscious.      

Your view of this severe chronic mental illness is certainly not entirely wrong, but it is not entirely right either, since it cannot be a complete diagnosis or view, for there is for every human being a more or less strong "heavenly" connection towards the super Monumental Area.      

As a rule, this connection is coupled with the psyche of a person and can cause more or less severe disturbances in the brain, which are additionally triggered by a sensitivity of a gene, because it does not have to remain exclusively with a divine or creative connection.

This is especially true if the human being has also developed and has to bears a strong "trigger" through his "believing" ancestors and in this respect also through his religious upbringing through his own psyche, but also through the outside world, and these triggers can make themselves felt in many ways.

M.............. presumably does not take the prescribed "heavy" psychotropic drugs on a regular basis, but nevertheless takes them independently, and they do not fail to have their effect. M.................... has these aforementioned enormous difficulties and her high sensitivity and is looking for a place where she can greatly reduce these triggers and this is usually the outdoors.

A flat with a balcony would also be another alternative, at least so that m........... will not basically leave the flat, whereas the residential area of her original neighbourhood in St. Gertrud in Mali /Brandenbaum, would be another alternative for m........... as she would have much shorter distances to the allotment gardens where we were at home as children and where she would have a place to go because of my allotment garden.      

Unfortunately, many people have great difficulties in describing reality and unfortunately more and more are doing so, as became very clear in the USA.

So one should make an effort to respond to people in order to be able to "take them along", so that these people at least listen to what the other person is saying.

M.................... is not stupid and can handle the truth best and so will everyone else!   

        With kind regards    

        Ursula Sabisch     


HP: M......... has been looking for a suitable flat (with a balcony) for a very, very long time!! !!

Hanseatic City of Luebeck alias Lubeca

-------- Forwarded message --------

Subject: Date: From: To: Copy (CC): 

Fwd: Matter and commission of the Lord! Change of residence in the matter of care.

Tue, 29 Dec 2020 15:10:15 +0100

Ursula Sabisch <nets_empress@gmx.net>



Dear Mr H.....,

As you will probably know, ...........has a new washing machine, which she has largely financed herself, but this does not mean that ..........can, or would like to, stay in her current flat!    

A final demand on my part is hereby set up, in that the already mentioned flats at Am Aehrenfeld 15 are to be vacated immediately and that my.....................has to take over one of the flats as her unsaleable single apartment!

My person as well as all those involved in the said block of flats number 15 urgently** need a flat of their own or one already provided for, in order to remain healthy and intact and to be able to exist!       

The progress of the matter is connected with this and must be secured immediately, as my person cannot imagine that you and your kind will be able to cope without my person at the moment! 

With all due respect, you and others quite simply lack competence in the matter and in the commission of our Lord and Creator of all!

Afterwards, please see to it that the matter and the commission in Luebeck will find a beginning and will be implemented as already ordered!

It will not be a "bed of roses" for many of those currently in charge in this respect, because the time of year for homelessness is rather unfavourable, but commensurate with what my person has to endure and endure here in the flat through the neighbourhood, among other things, through a kind of triggered "tinnitus", especially at night, which ............. and other affected persons will probably also have to endure for years by the so-called neighbourhood in a similar way, whereby false statements by the neighbourhood will be the order of the day and thus the judiciary and your kind will wrongly agree by an incomplete view or diagnosis by choosing the easier way with wrong conclusions and measures!

You and your kind will get to know me yet, because my person also knows no mercy, just as through cowardice and falsehood of your kind now the refugees have to endure below 0 °Celsius in the refugee camps without heaters!      

Remember: Those who allow themselves to play with the end for so long will also have to be played with for just as long!

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch


SUPPLEMENT: ** My person reserves the right to beat with a solid Cudgel at least the perpetrator or perpetrators of the above-mentioned tinnitus endured for weeks exclusively under the supervision of Bundeswehr soldiers, because what is too much is too much! ! **

HP: This e-mail will now have to be published on one of my homepages, while preserving personal data, so that you cannot be taken into this responsibility alone!


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