• Sanitär & Umwelt & Kulturerbe ______Environment & Heritage

    Planning, planning and more planning and then conversion or dismantling.

  • Conversion, planning, maintenance and repair. Conversion to contemporary energy-saving systems with a respective fixed consumer protection-limit!

  • Sonnenkraft nutzen aber nur während der Übergangszeit!

    Use solar power but only during the transitional period!

    Hot water from the energy of the Sun. Save costs but don't cut out the mind!

  • Auf der sicheren Seite..________________________On the safe Side...

    "Sich schlaumachen" lohnt sich! ___________"It pays to be smart"!

  • Notdienst________Emergency service

    Im Notfall 24 Stunden an 7 Tagen wöchentlich für Sie verfügbar. Tel. +OO XXIIVCLLMOMXXVII 

    Available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergency. Tel. +OO XXIIVCLLMOMXXVII 

  • Warmwasser aus der Energie der Sonne. Kosten einsparen aber Verstand nicht aussparen!

    Hot water from the energy of the Sun. Save costs but don't cut out the mind!

  • Eimer oder Nachttopf anschaffen! _____________Buy a bucket or chamber pot!

    Die meisten sogenannten "braven Bürger" gehören auf den Pott gesetzt!

    Most so-called "good citizens" belong sitting on the jerry!

Planning, planning and more planning and then conversion or dismantling.

Maintain the functional reliability of your heating system with a maintenance contract! We will be happy to advise you for the future.

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Various Heating Systems in the Programme


There are different ways of generating energy, but the best and safest uses of energy have always been dictated by nature.
One of these is wind power, which can be harnessed without the need for cabling or electricity generation, as is possible, for example, with a quaint and vivid windmill.

Water power from rivers and streams is also available in sufficient quantities without the need for cabling or electricity storage, so that there is no need to unnecessarily disfigure landscapes, nor can there be any negative impact on the health of the population.
A very natural energy source is fire, which gives off a cosy warmth and comfort. Furthermore, a fire cooker, for example, serves the purpose of preparing warm food and should definitely be brought back into the conversation.

Of course, you need excellent filters for the chimneys and you need enough wood or peat, which remains inexhaustible and controllable, whereas coal can only be mined underground and is therefore uncontrollable and exhaustible.

The most natural energy supplier is the physical strength of humans and animals, which has long been forgotten and abolished in our age.
Fortunately, this properly used and utilised energy of bodily strength is at the same time indispensable for the health of mankind, which has unfortunately been forgotten.

But now we come to an energy generation that must only be used in connection with a very safe and large dome and must be covered with it so that this energy cannot escape into the atmosphere, as if a dome were built for a nuclear power station.

This is also a model from nature, namely magnetic force fields or a magnetic power station that can be switched off in an emergency, something that specialists such as engineers should actually be able to think about and develop.
There are certainly certain people who will be responsible for this, and my person has the best connections in this respect.

Solar energy hides very high dangers at the end of time, which my person for this reason does not want to unnecessarily go into repeatedly*! 

The motto of the day is: Thinking for yourself makes you smart!

Luebeck, 10 August 2018

There are certainly the right solutions for the world's power and heat supply in a possible future, but these solutions must first come about in the minds of a few engineers.


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